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Blackberry Blogs Forever

This blog update was sent from my Blackberry. Now I have something to do in church.-------------------------------------------------------
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Quote & Site - 3/22/06

Quote of the Day:
"You can't have everything...where would you put it?" -- Stephen Wright, Comedian

Web Site(s) of the Day: - City of Auburn GIS system - Lee County Tax Maps

Welcome - 3/22/06

Welcome to my personal blog site. I couldn't sleep so I set up my blog. Maybe I can sleep this weekend.

I attended the Auburn City Council Meeting tonight (Tuesday) and got home about 10:00 pm pretty wired. Always some interesting things going on at those meetings.

(Note to Self: Get Forrest to straighten out that my legal wasn't wrong on the annexation gap question. William White asked me about this after the meeting. I told him I'd try to explain it to him if he came by.)