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New Year

Well the holidays are finally over and we can get back to work. Not a lot gets done at the office during the holidays. I usually do year end analysis of how the company has done and how our investments have done. Not too bad on both accounts for 2006. The Lord has blessed us as a family and in business. Our newest business venture, Affiniti Homes, has taken off nicely with one custom house under construction and a spec house planned to start any day now. Adrian Freeman is our partner and the builder. We have high hopes for the year 2007.

By the way, Raegan will get her driver's permit in early April, so be careful when you see her coming.

Kristen & Karley got a trampoline from Santa and they've been bouncing since Christmas. I'll end with a quote from Karley, our recently turned 6 year old. She had just gotten off the phone with William, her 18 year old "crush." She said "I felt like I was going to pass out or die or something when I talked to hi…