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The Long Hot Summer

Well, it HAS been HOT here in AL this summer. We've been busy at work so I haven't had much time to "blog." But I wanted to put out a word or two just to make sure that my "following" didn't get bored.

Me & the family tried to play golf one day this summer. We only made it to about Hole 7. We'll have to try again in the Fall if there's time.

June was filled with looking at our personal finances, etc. We also finished up the Leadership Training that Tim Broadwell was conducting for us. Overall the training went well. We only lost one employee. (Tim said this was a first for him.)

Also in June, I went to the eye doctor and have finally begun to wear glasses for reading. I guess making it to 46 before having to resort to glasses is an accomplishment, but they are so inconvenient.

The Malawi Team from church was gone for about 2 weeks during July. This has occupied my thoughts for quite a bit this summer. This program sounds like it is doing a lot o…