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Ode to the Fathorn Green 69 Impala

I was thinking back to my "glory days" earlier this week when I was talking to a young man who had just bought a new (used) Jeep. I was telling him how lucky he was to have such a nice ride and that he wouldn't know if the girls liked him or his ride. I was telling him about how it was to try to pick up chicks driving a puke green Chevrolet Impala 4 door. He didn't know what that was.  But today, we have the internet and Google - so, I was able to find a picture on the Chevrolet website. This is it folks.

Now, I know what you're thinking, sweet ride, right? Well mine didn't quite look that good. I got it in about 1976 and so it had a little wear on it from 7 years of my lead-footed Mama driving it.

So, kids, next time you're thinking you have it rough having to drive Mom's old 4Runner or Dad's old BMW, think about the "glory days."

P.S. The joke about "Fathorn Green" is that on the Chevy site the colors were in a PDF file forma…