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Rich Dad's Coaching

I've recently started a series of training sessions based on the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. After receiving this book and the second one in the series, Cashflow Quadrant, from a friend, Chris Kearns, I decided to sign up for the coaching through Rich Dad Coaching. I expect this coaching to help me focus my goals and work out a plan to achieve them. It is a year long plan of study, beginning with 16 weekly sessions and assignments. Of course my goals are not "get rich" for only personal gain, but to become free to do the things that I enjoy doing, like spending more time with my family, church work (missions & benevolence), more blogging and other internet interests, running my businesses, building houses, developing land, etc.

I've also decided that the first thing that is going is standing up in front of the Planning Commission and City Council and "fighting" for a project. It's just not fun or exciting anymore. That's because…

Comment on Fatherhood

I should have done this earlier, maybe Father's Day or something, but I saw this video on Youtube today (I should give credit to for the referral to the video) and it reminded me about the past, but I still have some of these experiences because of my neices. Raegan was, and still is, a handful, especially as we navigate the middle teen years and driving and boys (I'll bet the Dad in the video's song changes when his girls get teenage) but each phase has been a joy for me. I've loved being her Dad and look forward to many more years.

My neices are many. I only have one nephew, Brandon, and he's in Texas now. I'm sure he's great and all, and he'll have to carry on the Maxwell name, but the girls are numerous and special to me. My brother Joel, also Brandon's dad, has one girl, Jennifer, the oldest who's a woman now. Jennifer is so sweet, even for a UGA graduate. My other brother, Allen, has one, Kayla. We have a specia…

Stonehaven Development

Stephanie and I decided (mostly I, Stephanie went along, as usual) to get into the land development business. An opportunity to purchase 17 acres within the Preserve development in North Auburn came along and we made an offer. It was accepted, so we're in business. Or, at least we have to round up the money to do the project, and then we're in business. We're working on financing now and hope to be under construction by the end of October. These 16 lots range in size from 0.62 acres to over 2 acres. We'll be asking from $105,000 to $136,000 for them. The development is planned to be very upscale with wide roads with medians and lots of landscaping. Minimum house size will be 2800 square feet with all garages being at the back of the houses. This means that houses will probably sell in the $500,000 plus range.

I've handled all aspects of land development for a number of other folks in and around Auburn, now I'll be trying to do the same for us personally. We'…

New Year

Well the holidays are finally over and we can get back to work. Not a lot gets done at the office during the holidays. I usually do year end analysis of how the company has done and how our investments have done. Not too bad on both accounts for 2006. The Lord has blessed us as a family and in business. Our newest business venture, Affiniti Homes, has taken off nicely with one custom house under construction and a spec house planned to start any day now. Adrian Freeman is our partner and the builder. We have high hopes for the year 2007.

By the way, Raegan will get her driver's permit in early April, so be careful when you see her coming.

Kristen & Karley got a trampoline from Santa and they've been bouncing since Christmas. I'll end with a quote from Karley, our recently turned 6 year old. She had just gotten off the phone with William, her 18 year old "crush." She said "I felt like I was going to pass out or die or something when I talked to hi…