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Comment on Fatherhood

I should have done this earlier, maybe Father's Day or something, but I saw this video on Youtube today (I should give credit to for the referral to the video) and it reminded me about the past, but I still have some of these experiences because of my neices. Raegan was, and still is, a handful, especially as we navigate the middle teen years and driving and boys (I'll bet the Dad in the video's song changes when his girls get teenage) but each phase has been a joy for me. I've loved being her Dad and look forward to many more years.

My neices are many. I only have one nephew, Brandon, and he's in Texas now. I'm sure he's great and all, and he'll have to carry on the Maxwell name, but the girls are numerous and special to me. My brother Joel, also Brandon's dad, has one girl, Jennifer, the oldest who's a woman now. Jennifer is so sweet, even for a UGA graduate. My other brother, Allen, has one, Kayla. We have a specia…