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Rich Dad's Coaching

I've recently started a series of training sessions based on the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. After receiving this book and the second one in the series, Cashflow Quadrant, from a friend, Chris Kearns, I decided to sign up for the coaching through Rich Dad Coaching. I expect this coaching to help me focus my goals and work out a plan to achieve them. It is a year long plan of study, beginning with 16 weekly sessions and assignments. Of course my goals are not "get rich" for only personal gain, but to become free to do the things that I enjoy doing, like spending more time with my family, church work (missions & benevolence), more blogging and other internet interests, running my businesses, building houses, developing land, etc.

I've also decided that the first thing that is going is standing up in front of the Planning Commission and City Council and "fighting" for a project. It's just not fun or exciting anymore. That's because…